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  3. Seasons

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  4. Seasons

  5. shuhanteoh:

    Bedtime Messengers - A short film about two neighboring children who decide to explore creative ways to communicate with each other in the middle of the night. That is, until Dad gets fed up with the noise.

    Art Direction & 2D Aniamtion: Shuhan Teoh

    3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation: David Binn

    Texturing: Shoon Lei Phyo

    Facial Aniamtion: Connie Leung

    Sound Design: Nara Shin

  6. FInally finished my degree project! I can finally get back to some low-poly stuff.  

    Also I can finally catch up on all my games. Mainly Megaman, i still have like 20 of them to beat. 

    Also if you get a chance play Alice: Madness Returns, just beat it, the game is pretty awesome.


  8. Fred Model Sheet

  9. I hope you’re all gonna be enjoying V-day as much as I will

  10. Collaboration with Toril